1. D0 you buy military surplus? 

YES. We buy most military surplus.

2. Do you make dog tags?

YES. We have a 1946 military dog tag machine. This machine matches the original military dog tag. 

3. Can you make a uniform for a funeral?

YES. We can make up most U.S. military uniforms with the rank and awards.   

4. Do you sell gun's or ammo? 

NO. We do have holsters, mags and slings. 

5.  Do you have military rank?

YES. We have most U.S. military rank in stock.

6. Do you have military patches?

YES. We have a large selection of U.S. military patches in stock or we can order it if they still make it.  We order nearly every week.

7.  Do you have boots?  

YES. We have military boots both new and issued in stock in most sizes. We also have a good selection of commercial boots and some steel-toed varieties..

8. Do you have collectibles?

YES. We have all sort of collectibles in the store for sale. 

9. Do you have knives?

YES. We have a good selection of knives and many different major makers.

10. Do you have tarps? 

YES. We have high-quality 16 oz. canvas tarps starting at 4-foot x 6-foot up to 20-foot x 40-foot in stock. Or we can order any sizes you want.

We have blue poly tarps starting at 5-foot x 7-foot up to 60-foot x 120-foot. We also have a good selection of white and gray tarps in stock.

11.  Do you have blue jeans?

YES. We have Levi blue jeans in most sizes in 501s, 505s, 517s and 550s in prewashed and shrink to fit. We have the cheapest price in town. 

12. Do you have first aid kits?

YES. We have a good selection of kits, some military and some commercial. We have supplys as well. 

13. Do you have cast iron cookware?

YES. We keep a good selection of cast iron cookware in stock. We also keep a good selection of blue enamel cookware.

14. Do you have para cord?

YES. We have more than 100 different colors of 550 lb. 7 strand U.S. made para cord in stock and we sell by the foot or by the roll.   

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